Greenfield Beautification Committee Greenfield Wisconsin 2017 Our 24th Year
Greenfield Beautification Committee     Greenfield Wisconsin       2017 Our 24th Year

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Greenfield Beautification Committee

Joan Stevens - Director


Celebrating our 24th Year

1993  -   2017

Welcome to the Greenfield Beautification Committee!

Welcome to our organization. We are a volunteer group based in Greenfield WI. and have served the Greenfield community for over 20 years. Our organization is committed to beautifying the city through our Arbor Day, Cleanup Day and Landscape Awards program

2017 Arbor Day Tree Order form
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Arbor Day celebration- May 6th

The 27th annual Greenfield Arbor Day is set for 10 am Saturday May 6th. The event takes place at Konkel Park at 51st and Layton Blvd. We need benefactors to purchase trees and volunteers to help plant. Come join us and help beautify Greenfield!

New! Tree Saplings available!

The Sugar Maple is Greenfield's Official Tree. At this years Arbor Day you can get a Sugar Maple sapling for a $5 donation to the Arbor Day program. Stop by our table to get yours.


If you bought one -- Here are the planting directions from the grower.


Keep seedlings in a cold area out of the sunlight. The ideal temperature range for holding dormant seedlings is between 33 and 34 degrees Fahrenheit. 

  • If cold storage is not available, place the seedlings in a dark and cool place such as a cellar or basement. Ever so slightly open the bag to allow for a bit of air circulation.  Check the seedlings every 24 hours to make sure the roots and sphagnum moss are moist.  Gently spray with water as needed.
  • If you intend to take the seedlings out of their original packaging, it is important that the roots remain moist but not wet. Check moisture content daily.  Roots must remain moist, but not soaking in water.
  • If the seedlings will not be planted within 3-5 days of receipt or cold storage is unavailable we suggest you use a method known as “heeling in”. Choose a protected location out of direct sun.  Dig a trench deep enough that the roots fit in without bending them.  Keep the bundled seedlings intact.  Place the roots of the bundled trees in the trench and completely cover them with soil.  Give the trench a thorough watering and let settle for a few minutes.  Add a little more soil as needed to ensure the roots remain covered.  Firm the soil with your foot.  Heeled in seedlings will keep for several weeks if they are watered thoroughly once the soil begins to dry out.  Even with this method, it is highly recommended that you plant before any leaves are sprouting.

For a detailed description from the grower, copy and past the link below in your browser::



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